WAHM Series: Part 3 Zones

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Welcome back everyone to Part 3 of my WAHM Series. In Parts 1 and 2 we focused on the schedule of our work days. Today I want to go a little bit more in depth on one of the things that makes that schedule possible, activities zones. Now I have mentioned that we rotate toys during the day and play with only one thing at a time but that is not exactly the same as the zones I’m talking about.

We moved into this house about 2 years ago. The loft has always been my office but it has been rearranged 3 times so that I could achieve not only the most visually appealing look up there but the most functional for me and the boys to work.

What I have now is an *almost* perfect space that works for all 3 of us. Our upstairs consists of the loft that you walk into right away and then there are 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small laundry room. The room closest to the loft served as Buggy’s darling nursery for about the first year of his life. Then we decided to move both boys into T$’s (much larger) room. The boys actually sleep better together, weird I know! Now the old nursery serves as our upstairs playroom. This works so great because the office does not get as cluttered with all the kid gear. I cannot stand visual clutter.  It makes it very difficult for me to focus. Now to the actual zones we have set up:


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1. My Desk/Work area:

Work Area

I use to have the desk on the opposite wall actually facing the wall. That made so I was constantly turning around to keep an eye on what the boys were doing. Then I faced the desk out still on that wall but it still wasn’t working perfect. Finally I got the brainy idea to just switch sides! DUH! This is what I call my corner to the boys. They are not allowed to come into my corner while I’m working. They never listen but it’s a great idea in theory. The wall organizer is a fairly recent purchase from Staples’ Martha Stewart line. I needed something to store my often accessed papers and to pin receipts to be turned in and various other things, that Buggy could not reach! This was the perfect solution! And it is all interchangeable so I can move things around as my needs change AKA he gets taller and smarter 🙂

2. The Pillow Pet:

Pillow Pet

Oh this one is a funny story I tell ya! My bestie thought it would be a great idea to send the boys a “small” present right after Buggy was born. I opened the front door one day to this massive box that literally fell on top of me. I didn’t know for almost a week who it was from because there was no label or anything on it! I have to say though it’s the perfect spot for the boys to lounge on and read books or watch toons or take a nap. T$ has fallen asleep here more times than I can count. I put it right by my desk because I am trying to keep the immediate area right around my desk a quiet zone.

3. The TV:


No explanation needed here, right?

4. The Office in a Hutch:


As with any home storage, space is at a premium. I don’t have room to be storing all my various office supplies in the linen closet or someplace else. It also happens that we have this gorgeous hutch that I adore from my in-laws (a wedding gift) that I cannot put anywhere downstairs because our formal dinning room is being used for a playroom. I thought a great way to use it would be to store my supplies. Its out of the way, too, so I don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt or worse yet ruining the hutch. (You’re thinking I have that backwards but I don’t 😉 .) Don’t worry, lots more details on how I organize this thing coming later.

5. The Playroom:


So the playroom has its very own command center for the boys complete with message boards for when they receive cards or special things they want to display. T$ has his rewards chart up and then they have their book case. We are a book-obsessed family. It’s insane really. This is just one of the many places I have books stashed. Their train table has provided HOURS of entertainment! I also have an art easel in here that is super light and normally is moved out into the middle of the office for craft time. The toy chest contains a fraction of the dress up outfits. The rest of the toys are stashed in the closet. I’ll be doing an entire post just on that closet and how we sort toys into bins so the one-toy-at-a-time rule can be effective. I have lots of ideas for this room as the boys grow older. The main function now is to control the clutter, provide a place to put everything away, and wrangle the madness. It is also the place I ask the boys to go to if they want to play loudly. It’s far enough away from my desk that I can tune them out a bit but close enough that I can keep an ear on them.

That sums up how I have laid out our workspace and tried to create different zones for work, lounging, crafting, and playing. Do you set up your home decor differently now that you have kiddos? It really changes things, right?


5 thoughts on “WAHM Series: Part 3 Zones

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  3. Love the idea of having zones… I’m so disorganized. I really need to work on creating spaces that are more functional like what you have with your work space.

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