Snack Prep 101

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With Back to school fast approaching (yes, its already that time of year) I feel like every parent is trying to get organized and geared up. For me back to school has always been like a second New Year. It’s a chance to get reorganized, get back on schedule, and try to stay on task. My boys aren’t quite old enough to go to school full time but T$ does go to preschool three days a week this year! WOW, has the time flown. I’m trying very hard to instill good habits in him regarding school. Things like eating a good breakfast, having all of our school supplies ready the night before, learning to put his school papers in their place, etc.

Not only do I need to teach him good habits but I need to get myself into good habits for his school year. When T$ goes to school guess who takes him? ME! Guess who picks him up? ME! Guess who’s busiest time of year at work also coincides with back to school? MINE! Every single minute around here is precious. So to optimize every single minute I try and do as much as I can the night before to get ready for the next day.

As I mentioned earlier, Hubby is amazing at getting T$’s lunch ready ever day. But he doesn’t do snacks for the boys or myself (hey, the poor guy only has so much time). When someone around here is ready for a snack it is an emergency. You think I’m kidding? This is no laughing matter people! I’m including myself in this by the way. We get hungry and cranky! This of course leads to convenience  snacks which aren’t all bad but I am trying to do better. To remedy this problem I’m working on getting in the habit now of having healthy snacks all prepared for us the night before. That way when the hunger pains begin we are ready for them.

So on to today’s snacks …First up Apples and Graham Crackers:

This is a staple because it is one fruit I know T$ will eat no matter what. Also, it is so easy to get ready. I have this handy dandy apple slicer from Williams Sonoma that makes getting this snack ready a breeze!

For our afternoon snack we will be having Strawberries and Cheese.

T$ is a crazy picky eater. He loves strawberries as long as I only cut the top off of them. I cannot slice them or dice them or do any other form of prep of them. Buggy can’t really shove a whole strawberry in his mouth yet so I have to do two separate preparations. C’est la vie!


Whole strawberries for T$ in the blue Bynto, sliced strawberries in the green Snack Box for Buggy

I always prep our snacks in one of three containers:

1. A Mason Jar — I have TON and they are so easy to clean. They work great for bigger snacks like celery sticks or slices of watermelon.

2. Goodbyn Bynto Box — This is what we use when T$ takes a lunch to school. We own two and they are especially great for when we will be out all day and I need multiple snacks for both boys. They fit perfect in my diaper bag, are dishwasher safe, BPA Free and basically one of my absolute favorite kid products we own.

3. Goodbyn Snack Pack — Again we love these because they fit in the diaper bag, are easy to clean and are safe!

If your looking for a place to purchase the Goodbyn products I cannot recommend Eco Chic Baby & Home enough! I promise you will not be sad you ordered from them!

Do you do any special snack prep for your little ones? Have any great snacks to share with us? I would love some new ideas! Come to think of it I bet my boys would too!




2 thoughts on “Snack Prep 101

    • Yes, you always need more mason jars! Trust me! If your looking for some for snacks in particular I really love the wide mouth ones, they are a bit easier to get things in and out of.

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