Challenge Day 1 Recap

As I told you all yesterday I have given myself a challenge to skip the carbs and the sweets this week. The inspiration for this came from realizing I was just shoveling in way too much bread and sweet stuff. A friend of mine, Chrissy from Eco Chic Baby and Home, had done a sugar fast a while back with great results. Obtaining from sugar really helped curb her cravings so I’m hoping I have the same results!

So here is a recap of how yesterday went:

Hubby and I stayed home in the AM to take T$ to his first day of the 4 year old preschool class! (Yes, there were some tears, no they were not from him) Since Hubby was home he of course wanted to make breakfast. An Egg Sandwich for him (one of my faves) but I was a good girl and just had an egg, a greek yogurt and one slice of bacon. Then there was lunch, which I warned you all was going to be super hard for me. I ended up getting a mixed green salad from a bakery down the street from my office. I asked for no gorgonzola and when I got back to my office I opened the box to see there was gorgonzola. I took this as a sign from God that he felt I had earned a little bit of cheese since I refused the bread for breakfast. I told you, these are my rules 🙂 After a torturous drive home (uggg traffic!!!!!!) Hubby fired up the grill and we made some great jalapeño turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce. We were both starving at this point so I cut up some cucumbers and some of those mini sweet peppers and we snacked on those with a bit of humus.  I thought I was going to really miss the buns but it turned out I didn’t miss them at all. I also made some jalapeño poppers with cream cheese and bacon. Cream cheese technically should not be a part of what I’m eating but I COULD NOT resist these poppers.  As the night winded down Hubby and I sat down to finish watching 42 (Seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go watch it ASAP) and he busted out a bag of carmel corn! As hard as it was to not snack on that yummy goodness I resisted the urge and made it through the movie snack free!

Now you might read this and think day one didn’t go so well. I mean I did have cheese twice. I however, think day one went really well. I made way better choices than I normally do and that is what this is all about. This is a lifestyle change not a 7 days and I’m done thing. Today I’m going to really focus on getting more water in, and trying harder to cut the cheese out. I have my snacks all prepared so that should be an easy part of the day for me.

What is the one food you struggle most with steering clear of? Help me out and tell me how you do it!



One thought on “Challenge Day 1 Recap

  1. Cutting out certain foods is so hard. I’m doing weight watchers and its really about the portions and eating what you love. I have lost 15 pounds! Yay! For me cutting out bread is so hard but for the most part i try not to eat it unless I’m having a burger. Or I will have only one piece of the bread/bun. My snacking has changed so much. I have fruits and veggies now or a small yogurt if I get hungry after lunch. My weakness is pizza!!!! I could eat pizza 24/7. I love to make healthy pizza but then there’s moments I just want a greasy slice of pizza. I just always think in my head if I want to keep losing weight I can’t cheat everyday. Its a hard lifestyle change to make.

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