About Me

Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a mother to two amazing little boys, a devoted wife to one amazing man, a family girl, and a loyal friend among many other things. I am a Cali girl through and through and wake each day feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful state. I am just about as sarcastic as they come and a full on cynic. If your looking for rainbows and unicorns I’m sorry but you have come to the wrong place.

I’m a self-proclaimed opinionated, free loving hippie. My kids think regular diapers are the cloth ones they have always used, they ask for their nightly dose of essential oils, think vinegar smells good and literally hug trees. (no seriously, I have more than one picture of T$ hugging a tree)

I’m also a full time employee for an International Business. I mention this because it shapes so much of my life. I’m a working mom who works from the home. So basically I take the craziness of being in the working world + the craziness of being a stay at home mom and wrap them up into one neat little package.

This blog is as much a therapy for me as it is to help others out there. Some of the most effective pieces of advice I have been given over the years are what seem like totally obvious tips from random people. I’m going to share all the things I can think of that make my crazy life work.

So thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoy the ride!


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