My One Week Challenge Recap

I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet for you all! I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could seriously just leave the post at that but I’ll elaborate.

I made it Monday through Friday without a single carb, only a few pieces of cheese and most notably, NO CHOCOLATE! I really didn’t think that last part was possible.

I feel really good about my accomplishment. I have very little craving for carbs right now at all so I’m going to extend the carb ban Monday through Friday of most weeks until I can get down to my goal weight. What I learned this week is that I love cheese way too much to give it up entirely. I’m going to keep cutting back but I wont deny myself that pleasure any more. I also learned I really can have a healthy lunch even with all the craziness that is going on around here at lunch time. And I was surprised to learn that I can feel full from just a salad.

So how did your week go? Meet any goals? Tell me all about them!


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